I will briefly explain my way to relating to the photographic image and my photographic results.


I conduct my photography in two completely different ways. Firstly, it is my ambition to adjust the photographic images for all type of assignment photography to each customer's preference. Always be creative in the preparation and in the photographic moments, offer positive results and preferably exceed the customer´s expectations.


Secondly, I have had a hard time limiting my subject areas in my photography and have photographed on a "shoot what comes your way" basis for a long time. Sometimes I get the feeling that the camera determines the subject areas more than I do. This is especially true during aimless walks, when all of a sudden it just says "click" and somthing in my way is exposed.


Further on in the photographic process, when the image should be touched up, I´m  absolutely thoughtless of honesty and truth. Since I, as a photographer, chose among countless opportunities before the subject became an image I also take liberty to affect the result in "the digital darkroom" similar to that offered in analog imaging.


During this process, I find myself to be more dependent on intuition and imagination than of principles. Whit a bit of  imagination, the camera can also transform what I see into a picture of what I saw in an instant! The results are often photographs, subjects or images that wouldn´t be easily discovered otherwise. It is precisely this that fascinates, interests and develops me and makes the photography alive.